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Devereux’s Malvern Location Found Negligent and Abusive Towards Underage Patients

By: Maya Thiruselvam

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health (Devereux) has had a long history of complaints filed against them detailing issues of sexual assault, negligence and abuse. Within the past twenty-five years over forty former Devereux patients have come forward with stories detailing the abuse they endured whilst in Devereux’s care.

With allegations first coming out in August of 2020, dozens of children have filed complaints detailing the sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse they endured from Devereux employees. One teenager in Red Hook, New York was neglected for hours and was able to escape the Devereux Facility without his caregivers noticing. The teen was later found five miles away from his facility after being hit by a car and dying shortly after.

Neglect is not a new issue with Devereux, as they have had reports of neglect for over a decade, without any changes being made in their practices regarding care of their patients. In August of 2020, the Philadelphia Inquirer exposed the harsh conditions inside Devereux facilities that have been ongoing for twenty-five years.

Multiple cases have been filed against Devereuax’s Malvern location. One victim recalls being punished by Devereux staff members with solitary confinement for reporting her roommate’s attempts of engaging in unwanted sexual acts. While the individual was in solitary confinement, she was then raped by Devereux staff whilst on Devereux property. She was then forced to move back in with the same roommate who attempted assaulting her.

Another former Devereux patient at the Malvern location reported being denied access to his parents. The child, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), was told he was unable to speak or see his parents for his first two weeks at the facility. During this time, the child was put in a chokehold and injured his head when staff members threw him on his bed.

Although Devereux promotes itself as helping those with advanced behavioral health disorders, they have neglected and harmed their patients suffering from intellectual, developmental and
emotional disabilities.

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