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The Impact of Ghost Guns and the manufacturer Polymer80, Inc.

By: Maya Thiruselvam

Ghost guns, first invented in the late 1980’s, have become an epidemic across the United States. The do-it-yourself, at home kits allow individuals to buy and assemble guns with no background checks or regulations on how many someone can buy. Ghost guns became popular amongst gun-traffickers and repeated offenders since ghost guns do not have serial numbers, and are virtually untraceable. More recently companies have manufactured ghost guns and sold them to the public in kits, without any background checks. Over the past decade, ghost guns have become rampant across the country and in major cities, such as Philadelphia. Pennsylvania’s attorney general Michelle Henry has reported ghost guns to be increasingly popular with juveniles across the Philadelphia area.

In 2022 alone, the Philadelphia Police Department confiscated 575 ghost guns, with over eighty-seven percent of the ghost guns being produced by Polymer80, Inc. Other cities across the country, such as Baltimore and Los Angeles have filed lawsuits against Polymer80, Inc. due to the danger ghost guns have presented in their area.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice crimes involving ghost guns have risen, across the nation, by 1000% over the past six years. However, this statistic is only accounting for the ghost guns that have been confiscated by officials at crime scenes, and when arresting the perpetrators. There are more ghost guns being sold, assembled and used daily in this country, without any oversight or records being kept by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

The City of Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit against the two largest ghost gun manufacturers, Polymer80, Inc. and JSD supply. The City of Philadelphia Law department and Kenney Administration stated,“Sales of firearms by Polymer80, Inc. and JSD Supply are not properly recorded as required by law, so it is difficult to know how many ghost guns are on Philadelphia streets.”

Now, Victim Recovery Law Center is representing victims of ghost guns produced by Polymer80, Inc. If you or someone you know have been wounded or killed by ghost guns, our firm may be able to help you receive compensation. For a free consultation, please call 215-546-1433 or email info@victimrecoverylaw.com.


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