The Victims’ Recovery Law Center has unique experience in representing the victims of arson, whether those victims are the owners of a destroyed business or the family of an individual who has been murdered. Injuries caused by fire are uniquely horrible, and when suffered by an individual are considered the most painful possible. Arson cases are often quite complex and require representation by attorneys knowledgeable enough to consult with numerous experts in specialized fields. When businesses are victimized by arson, they may lose millions of dollars not only in repair costs but in lost revenue, while the suffering of the human victims of arson usually persists for generations.

In most cases, an individual arsonist will lack the financial ability to pay for the damage they have caused, for which reason few law firms are willing to handle these cases. Due to this law firm’s long-standing experience in the field of representing the victims of crime, though, we have experience in holding financially responsible those persons or entities who breached a duty in failing to prevent the fire — which may include, for example, security companies, those who supplied the flammable materials, or any person who was under a duty to control or prevent the actions of the arsonist.

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