With this law firm’s long-standing experience in the field of representing the victims of crime, we have handled countless successful lawsuits on behalf of the victims of assault and battery, resulting in numerous seven-figure settlements or jury verdicts. Because of our great experience in this area, we understand that representing our clients requires a trauma-informed approach, which means that we must be aware that our clients have been the victims of a traumatic experience. Thus we have a duty to ensure that the cases we handle serve all of our clients’ interests, not only in terms of financial compensation, but also with due regard for emotional well-being.

In too many cases, we represent victims who have been incapacitated or are children — in these cases we have gained extensive experience working with the victims’ families to ensure that justice is served. At the same time, our assault and battery victim clients often suffer from life-altering injuries that are not well-understood and which require experience to explain and prove at trial, such as PTSD, brain injury, and chronic pain or limited mobility. We have worked with leading medical experts in this field for many years, and know how to prove all damages resulting from an assault and battery while ensuring that our clients remain in control of the entire process.

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