The law strictly regulates establishments that serve alcohol, such as restaurants, bars, strip clubs, casinos, and nightclubs, and holds such establishments responsible for any harm that may result from their failure to follow the law or act reasonably, such as by serving alcohol to patrons who may be intoxicated.

Our law firm routinely handles successful lawsuits filed against those who negligently serve alcohol — which in our experience has included not only all of the types of licensed establishments listed above,but also illegal speakeasies, wild private parties, fraternities, and truly any conceivable setting where alcohol may be served irresponsibly. In such cases, we represent the victims who have had their lives forever harmed by the automobile accidents, violent assaults, and even deaths that predictably follow from irresponsible service of alcohol. Additionally, all of our attorneys have undergone professional training in responsible alcohol service, such as RAMP and TIPS.

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