We routinely handle successful premises liability and negligent security lawsuits on behalf of crime victims and catastrophically injured clients. When a business or landowner invites members of the public onto their land, they owe a legal duty to keep the premises reasonably safe, which may include a duty to provide adequate security. And when a business does provide security, it must do so in a reasonable and effective manner. The simplest and most common premises liability cases are probably found in the classic slip-and-fall situation, in which a customer or business guest trips and falls while on the business’ property and is therefore able to be compensated for their injuries due to the negligence of the business in maintaining the property. While we have successfully handled these generally simple actions, as have a number of law firms, we also have rare experience in handling more complex premises liability and negligent security cases, such as those involving violent actions committed by third parties (often a criminal or in far too many instances incompetent security guards who seriously injure the very people they were paid to protect) or a complicated chain of preceding events (such as a building collapse). In fact, we have given a number of Continuing Legal Education lectures to other attorneys on the topic of how to win cases involving third-party criminal conduct. If you or a loved one are injured while on property that is owned or controlled by another, it is important for you to be represented by attorneys who understand every option that may be available to help you ensure that you receive any and all compensation from all responsible parties.

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